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At HP Pelzer we do everything we can to ensure the personal and professional growth of our employees.
Our company consists of thousands of employees around the world and the health and safety of these employees is our primary concern. We recognize that it is our employees that help us succeed and at HP Pelzer we do everything that we can to recognize their success.

Due to the the major growth of our organization, Human Resources is continually working to develop new programs and ideas to help recognize our employees and assist them with their potential growth.
HP Pelzer offers its employees the following benefits:

• Health Benefits
• Medical
• Dental
• Vision
• Prescription
•Life Insurance
•Disability Benefits
•Progressive Vacation
•Internal and external training programs
•Tuition Reimbursement
•Flex Time (for appropriate positions)
•Employee Recognition program for Years of Service
HP Pelzer is proud to announce plans to locate a new manufacturing facility at the Mt. Verd Industrial Park in Athens, Tennessee. This new, 185,000 square foot manufacturing facility is set for completion in August 2013.
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