HP Pelzer was founded in 1969 in Witten, Germany by Helmut Pelzer. Over the last 30 years, the Pelzer Group has grown to 31 manufacturing plants and five technical centers, employing almost 6,000 people, spanning Europe, Asia and North and South America. Click HERE for more information about our world-wide locations or visit our Global Website.

North American growth has been rapid. Beginning with sales of $3 million in 1995, we are projecting sales of $280 million in 2013.
To supply the highest quality acoustic systems worldwide by:
Maximize Value by Minimizing Noise
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Respectful and Trustworthy
Tenacious and Resilient
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To CREATE the company of choice for Customers, Employees and Investors
Our goal is to enhance our customer's satisfaction through our Business Management System, providing products and services to meet their requirements every time.
•Complying with requirements and environmental legislation and regulations
•Continually improving the effectiveness and suitability of the Business Management System
•Committing to the prevention of pollution
•Promoting the establishment and review of Quality and Environmental Objectives and Targets
THE REACT program is a collaborative effort between HP Pelzer and various Educational Institutions operating in communities near HP Pelzer facilities.
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