HP Pelzer Automotive Systems

Maximize Value by Minimizing Noise
HP Pelzer Automotive Systems, a subsidiary of the Adler Pelzer Group, is a world class manufacturer of automotive NVH and soft trim components.
We offer advanced products, lean manufacturing, component and vehicle benchmarking along with a global R&D organization.

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NAFTA operations, which consists of all HP Pelzer facilities in the US and Mexico, are headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

US production facilities are located in Michigan, Georgia, Kansas and Tennessee. Mexican production facilities are located in Pachuca, Puebla and Saltillo.
HP Pelzer Automotive Systems
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We are an experienced acoustic integrator, assuming responsibility for design, validation and refinement. We are globally recognized for our expertise in benchmarking and vehicle acoustics.
HP Pelzer announces the opening of their new manufacturing facility in Athens, Tennessee
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